Jose da Costa: Jose is the Legal Practitioner Director, Managing Solicitor and Principal of Master Conveyancing & Legal (MCL Lawyers). Jose has extensive legal experience as a Property Lawyer and a Public Prosecutor which he has brought into this firm. With his vast experience, he is committed to providing his clients a stress free and pleasant experience. Jose leaves no stone unturned to achieve his commitments. The testimonials and feedback from clients are proof of his commitments. Jose is professional, always courteous, friendly, easy to talk to and give all his clients the due dignity. He is open to feedback so that he can improve his service and maintains a high quality service at all times.

Jose’s achievement and commitments can be traced to his personality and background. He is by nature a very polite, friendly and courteous person, committed to social justice. He values honesty, sincerity and ethical standards. His qualities enable him to interact easily with others. Born and brought up in Goa to highly qualified medical professional parents who were committed to social justice and the less fortunate, Jose is now settled in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

Jose qualified as a lawyer in Goa completing Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws through the University of Bombay. Having a passion for interpretation of law, constitutional law and politics, Jose started as a Junior Lawyer in the appellate jurisdiction. After 2½ years experience, he joined a law firm practicing in trial courts to gain hands-on trial court experience. Jose then opened his own law office practicing in civil law and was also a Legal Advisor and Counsel to a Construction and Development firm of Calangute, Goa.

In 1992, Jose was appointed a Prosecutor of the State of Goa. As Prosecutor, Jose was committed to social justice and secured a high rate of convictions. In the later years, he also held an additional charge of Special Public Prosecutor in the Special Drugs Court of the State in addition to his regular charge of Public Prosecutor in the District & Sessions Court.

Jose upgraded his qualifications in Queensland as a requirement to be admitted to practice law in Queensland, completing his Graduate Certificate in Applied Law securing 2nd highest marks at the University in Constitutional Law B and then completed Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He worked with several law firms in and around Brisbane before establishing Master Conveyancing & Legal.

Jose loves to travel, has a flare for cars and motorcycles, has been a soccer player/ striker in his younger days and most of all loves his music. Jose is a self taught musician who started learning to play violin with a qualified violin teacher. He later branched into playing the guitar and keyboards and formed his own band with his brother. Jose was the lead singer and lead guitarist with his brother on the vocals and bass guitar. Jose loves his country music style and has now started a family choir with keyboards and 3 guitars – lead, rhythm and bass at the Mitchelton Church with his wife and 3 daughters who all sing and play various instruments.

Olivia Carvalho: Olivia joined the firm in December 2010. Olivia is the Office Manager and Accounts Officer of the firm on a part-time basis.

Olivia was also born and brought up in Goa. Olivia’s parents, who are highly educated, have inculcated in her, strong moral and social values, making her caring towards the less fortunate and committed to social justice. She is a very courteous, polite and generous person, always willing to reach out to the less fortunate. She is a very principled person which qualities were inculcated in her from her father who was a military officer and thereafter a top ranking Government Officer.

Olivia graduated through the University of Bombay completing her Bachelor of Arts in entire Economics and Bachelor of Laws. She topped in Labour laws at the University level and was on the honours roll for many years.

Olivia has vast experience of over 17 years in banking and finance. She however always had an inclination towards teaching, having her mother as a Head Master of a School and her sister a high school teacher. As a result upon migrating to Australia, Olivia upgraded her qualifications to qualify to be a teacher and now does relief teaching at various schools which she enjoys.

With her excellent and vast experience, she assists in the management of the firm, steering the firm to fulfil its commitments.

Olivia loves travelling in her spare time and has visited several countries. She is an excellent public speaker and loves taking part in drama. She represented her school and colleges, securing the first spot in public speaking and has been awarded laurels and medals at State and University levels. She was also member of her school’s basketball team. In addition she loves singing and sing in her family choir.


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