Master Conveyancing & Legal is a law firm, established in 2010 by Jose da Costa, who is the Legal Practitioner Director, Managing Solicitor and Principal of the firm. Also known as or MCL Lawyers, Master Conveyancing & Legal is a division of .

How we differ from other services:

  1. The day to day working on a file is attended to by a solicitor, thereby we can detect any pitfall in advance and protect your interest not only through the transaction but long term;
  2. The result, you will not find surprises in your transaction once it is completed or years later;
  3. We provide the old fashioned personalised service, easy to talk to, friendly and casual yet professional at the same time;
  4. You are informed of everything that goes on in your matter;
  5. We are available to you at all times to discuss your difficulties and we give you ample time and easy to understand explanations such that you are fully informed of your transaction;
  6. Treating you with dignity, respect and courtesy at all times is the trade mark and basis of our service;
  7. You receive a high end service generally provided by high end firms, but with us this high end service is given to you at a reasonable price and we do not believe in competing with the lowest quotes and cutting corners;
  8. With us you will get much more service than you pay for.

At Master Conveyancing & Legal, you are our priority as we understand that your interest is the primary concern. With us, you will experience a professional, stress free, friendly and easy to talk to service from our highly qualified and experienced professionals. We differ from other services whereby the day to day working on your file is handled by a solicitor, personally reviewed and worked on daily by Jose, which enables us to use our skills to detect any pitfall in advance in any transaction. We can thereby guide you safely through in your transaction to avoid legal issues now and which could arise in future.

Master Conveyancing & Legal is committed to provide you the old fashioned personalised service in these modern times. You have the benefit to contact us at any time with your stressful queries. Jose gives you ample time just like in the old days at no extra costs to discuss your queries and difficulties, and he provides you with simple easy to understand explanations. Jose has the patience and courtesy to discuss your queries in detail, until you have fully understood - you do not get the usual standard responses that do not answer anything. You thereby get much more service than you would have otherwise got and a high end service for the fixed professional fee you pay.

Courtesy and treating you with dignity and respect is the basis and trade mark of our service. At all times you are treated with the due dignity, respect and courtesy. You will find us polite and friendly in all our communications. We communicate with you at every relevant stage of the transaction and keep you fully informed of the progress in a manner that it would appear to you that you are working on the file while it is actually being handled by us. Most of all, you will find us most easy to talk to with a friendly personal touch in our communication throughout your transaction.

We have no hidden agenda. Without compromising the quality of service and without cutting corners, you will get a top end service for a comparatively low cost. We give you a high quality service at all times and more than your money’s worth. For the price charged, you get high end and comparatively much more service than you actually receive elsewhere. Our service has been compared to top end service provided by some high cost top end firm, but at a comparatively low price. Our price thereby is much less for the service provided.

Our firm is built by referral which is more than 90% of our clientèle. Our clients come back to us for their future transactions which is a proof of their satisfaction in our service and a strong motivation to us. Our client testimonials and referrals are proof of our service commitment and of our reasonably priced high quality over and above service delivery.

We assure you a pleasant experience with our service at a reasonable cost.


Office Address:
7 Woods Close
McDowall, QLD 4053

Postal Address:
PO Box 590
Aspley, QLD 4034

Telephone: 07 3162 8153
Facsimile: 07 3162 8301